Clippings: What I’m Reading This Week (1/5/15)

Captain Crunch and Soybean Paste: Over oatmeal? Check out this article with a glimpse at kids’ breakfasts around the world. You may find yourself extra grateful for your Kashi and milk – or longing for miso soup tomorrow at 7am!


Photo from NY Times article - Link above.
Photo from NY Times article – Link above.


#IDNYC: I love this idea! Municipal IDs are a terrific way to get city residents more involved – and to share the wealth of a city’s cultural and artistic riches with the people who call it home.



Nerd Alert!: I. Am. So. Excited. For. Game of Thrones. In. IMAX. (I am way less excited to sit near GoT fans dressed in costume. But I’ll put up with it, I guess.)


Game of Thrones! IMAX!
Game of Thrones! IMAX!


Guilty children, depressed adults?: Interesting article from The Atlantic, exploring new research that indicates that the more guilty behavior people exhibit as children, the higher their risk of depression and other mood disorders later in life.

Photo from The Atlantic article - Link above.
Photo from The Atlantic article – Link above.


Throwback to a 2014 Favorite: One of my favorite articles from 2014 has recently been making the rounds again. I enjoyed rereading it, and thought I’d share it here:

Pamela Druckerman - photo from NY TImes
Pamela Druckerman -author  photo from NY TImes article – Link above

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