Clippings: This Week’s Articles of Interest

Some articles of interest from this week:

A fantastic article about a brilliant artist about to embark on what sounds like the best book tour of all time.

Excellent. On education techniques, testing, memory, fluency, and the art (and science) of learning to fail.

Want to be more productive and finish the workday by 530pm? Follow this advice from Cal Newport: embrace the idea of “fixed schedule productivity,” commit to these five research-based techniques, and don’t forget to put your To Do’s into your calendar immediately!

Helpful advice for pescetarians (like me!), vegetarians/vegans, non-stop meat-eaters, and anyone who likes to cook – 9 essential tools for cooking vegetables:

Already planning what to wear for your Instragram shots during your autumn apple-picking trip? Make sure you don’t do the following things when planning your orchard visit:

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