Clippings: This Week’s Articles of Interest (Week of 11/10)

PIN-terest: I love this article on a Baltimore hairdresser, Janet Stevens… who spends her evenings studying and replicating ancient hairstyles… and disproving long-held assumptions from archaeological scholars on how Greek and Roman women styled their hair. It’s amazing what can happen when people combine their skills and passions. As Ms. Stevens, says, “Whatever you’re most passionate about when you’re five is what you should do for the rest of your life.”


What we (should) talk about when we talk about Buzzfeed: Interesting thoughts on the future of Buzzfeed and the power of FacebookWorld from good friend and brilliant media expert, Andrew Golis.

Do something today that could make this list: While we’re on the subject of Buzzfeed and their C circle (see above article), here is a list of photos to brighten your day.

nyt cooking

Dinner and a (cooking guide) movie: I’ve always loved Mark Bittman’s cooking videos, and I’m happy to find that I also enjoy Melissa Clark’s videos, as well. The NYT recipe pages are quickly becoming my go-to how-to guides and Clark’s mini-lessons are simple, short, and amusing. My brother sent this recipe along to me (a not-so-subtle request for his next visit?): – and I’m planning to use this ice cream how-to this weekend:

fredrickson book cover

How you doin’?: Visit Barbara Fredrickson’s website to take her Positive Self Test. The quick online test looks at your strongest emotions from the past 24 hours to provide a snapshot of your positive : negative ratio. If you sign up through the site, you can also track your results over time. Fredrickson has found that a 3:1 ratio is needed for one to truly flourish. Not seeing the results you want? Look for assistance (a friend, family member, counselor, or trusted person) and take steps to improve your happiness and well-being! For suggestions, keep reading our page!

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