Clippings (11/17/14): This Week’s Articles of Interest

Cross-country Cooking: This has been making the rounds, but is worth checking out. A NYT compilation of regional Thanksgiving dishes, one to represent each state, plus DC and Puerto Rico. Grape salad outrage aside, it is great recipe-reading to prepare for my favorite holiday!


Apples to Apples: If you’re a fan of cider and you’re looking for some new options for holiday drinks, here you go:

Selfie-Esteem: Interesting article about how we view our own selfies – and how social media is impacting our self-esteem. Check out the slideshow: women were asked to choose their favorite snapshot (of themselves) from a photoshoot, explain why, and then comment on the photographers’ favorite. Fascinating, but difficult and somewhat sad, to see how we critique ourselves so harshly, and dislike things about ourselves that no one else even notices. Hopefully, if you have selfie-concerns, this article will help you to see yourself in a more flattering light.

A selfie?
A somewhat-selfie?

A Day in the Life: Cool video with tips and tricks to be “your most productive self” tomorrow. Hint: select tomorrow’s outfit tonight, make time for meditation, and plan on a cocktail in the evening.

Remembering when…: New research from the University of Southampton on “collective nostalgia” and the impact that a “sentimental longing for the past” can have on group loyalty. As the articles notes, “rather than being without function, it appears that nostalgia is an organizing emotion, strengthening group membership, and developing collective identities.” Especially interesting to consider in terms of Gottman’s studies on nostalgia within romantic relationships, and his theory that the more positively we recount our relationship milestones (especially the early ones), the higher the chance that a relationship will be strong and will survive.

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