A Break, but Not a Rest

If I’ve not posted recently, please be assured that it is not at all due to a lack of interest in this blog. The past few weeks have just been especially eventful, chaotic, and somewhat challenging, but overall, they’ve been good.

I had a shoulder biopsy (results: tests came back good; healing: slow); a massive allergic reaction to bug bites on my left foot which led to my foot swelling to twice its normal size (results: Halloween-esque, and I needed to use crutches for the first time as I could not stand on the foot; healing: today is my last day of antibiotics!); and being dive-bombed by hundreds of mosquitos a week later (results: more swelling, more Benedryl; healing: lengthy – I’m grateful that Fall has brought jeans and long sleeves).

But there was a lot of great stuff peppered in there, too! As always, it’s important to look through the challenges to find the positive. Even though I had to show up on crutches, wearing a high heel on my right foot and a man’s sock on my left (not the most lovely look), I had the pleasure of presenting at Prudential Finance’s Annual Finance Learning Exchange. This was my second year in a row presenting, and I was happy to have been asked back after last year’s lecture. Prudential asked me to create a new presentation on the topic of positive communication, and I had a terrific time during both days.

Due to my ER visit and medicine-overload, however, I was unable to stay at the conference hotel as planned, and instead stayed with my parents 90 minutes away in NY. Thanks to my incredibly kind and accommodating Mom, who changed all of her plans around, this meant a ladies’ road trip – 3 hours of driving each day, for 2 days – to and from New Jersey. Although I did not enjoy having to change icepacks every 30 minutes and I may have been a bit woozy due to meds, I had a rare and beautiful opportunity to spend two full days with my Mom, with no technological distractions or To Dos.

AND I was only attacked by giant swarms of mosquitos because I had the good fortune to be in Galveston, Texas for a weekend. While our post-rainstorm timing was good for sunny skies and warm weather, it did lead to swarms of determined mosquitos unlike any I’ve ever encountered! But it was great to see Galveston, and to also spend a few days in Houston.

So there you go. Every cloud, a lining; every bug bite, a chance to visit with my mom.

Now I’m armed with calamine lotion and my laptop, and am happy to be back home, back to work, and back at the blog. Hope your week is going well – and I look forward to posting again soon!

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