“5, 4, 3… open sesame! Happy New Year!”

And just like that: 2015! I am shocked by how quickly 2014 flew by. If I stop to think about each week or each month, I’m pleased by the amount of adventure that we packed into one little year. But as a whole, at a glance, the year passed in a blink. They seem to have a habit of doing that…

So here we are, a new year, a new blank notebook, a new slate, perhaps not wiped totally clean, but ready to be filled with everyday romance, grand adventure, and endless beauty.

Each month this year, I will focus on a different subtopic within Positive Psychology. I sometimes find sitting down to write about an entire field to be quite daunting. Not that writing about “resilience” or “love” is any less so, but little steps, little steps…

And after all, isn’t that what progress really is? Just some little steps, and a few big leaps, all strung together, moving toward the direction you’ve chosen? This – the process of progress, of coming into beauty in all senses – is what we’ll talk about in 2015. 

In January, we will focus on New Beginnings. I’m so excited.

x Jessica

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